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When Your Ford Needs Service, Head to Hollingsworth Richards Ford

Whether your Ford is showing troubling signs that call for an inspection or you’re just bringing it in for regularly scheduled inspection, it’s best always to trust the people who know your vehicle best. At Hollingsworth Richards Ford, you’ll find that this description fits our technicians perfectly.

Common Ford Services Near Denham Springs, LA

Since Ford has certified our technicians, they’re capable of taking on just about any Ford service or maintenance. Below, you’ll find more information about some of our more common services, but this is just the beginning of what we offer. When our technicians perform these services, they’ll use only OEM and Ford-approved parts.

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Oil Change

The humble oil change is one of the more commonly needed services. That’s because the oil that lubricates your engine breaks down in the high heat of your engine over time, losing its effectiveness. Synthetic oil is the most common one we use since all gas-powered Ford models have required it for years. However, we also offer conventional and diesel oil changes.

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Tire Service

At Hollingsworth Richards Ford, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your tires have a long lifespan. We can handle it all from regular tire rotation services (which should be performed at least once a year) and tire inspection to tire repair and wheel balancing. And when you need new tires, you can find them here!

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Wheel Alignment Service

When your Ford rolled off of the production line, its wheels were perfectly aligned. Over time, the wheels can become misaligned, making your vehicle pull to one side or the other. Not only is this dangerous and uncomfortable, but it can take a real toll on your tires, too. We’ll inspect and adjust the alignment to return the wheels to the way they should be. We offer two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services.

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Brake Service

For your safety, don’t neglect brake inspections. This vital service allows our technicians to see whether other brake services are needed, such as brake pad replacement and brake fluid exchange.

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Battery Service

The battery in your Ford sends a current to the starter, allowing your vehicle to start. If it can’t hold enough of a charge, it won’t do this. We can test your battery to get a good idea of how much charge it has left and can replace your battery if need be.

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Transmission Service

Both manual and automatic transmissions require regular transmission fluid exchanges. Also, they may need to be repaired or replaced if you notice symptoms like a slipping transmission or difficulty shifting.

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Ford Service Department

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When the time comes for service, we make it easy! Use our online service scheduler, and then head to Hollingsworth Richards Ford. We hope to see you soon.


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