Ford Recommended Maintenance Service

Every Ford has recommended maintenance intervals detailed in the owner’s booklet.

Ford Recommended Maintenance Service in Baton Rouge, LA

Ford engineers several top-selling vehicles, such as the F-150, Escape, Explorer, Mustang, and Fusion, providing owners with an exceptional driving experience. Ford recommends routine maintenance to optimize reliability, comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Every Ford has recommended maintenance intervals detailed in the owner’s booklet. Our certified technicians provide recommended maintenance services according to factory quality with genuine OEM parts. Continue reading about Ford’s recommended maintenance intervals, check your odometer to see if you are due for recommended maintenance, and schedule service if needed today at Hollingsworth Richards Ford, near Zachary, Westminster, Denham Springs, and Monticello, LA.

Ford Recommended Maintenance Intervals

Ford recommends moderate maintenance at 20,000 miles starting with inspecting several primary systems and completing routine maintenance services. We will replace the cabin air filter, rotate and inspect the tires, change the engine oil and filter, and lubricate the non-sealed steering linkage, suspension joints, ball joints, driveshaft, and u-joints. Recommended inspections at 20,000 miles include the engine cooling system with hoses, exhaust system with heat shields, automatic transmission fluid level, rear axle lubricant for non-synthetic only, and braking system.

30,000-mile recommended maintenance includes most of the services and inspections included in the 20,000-mile service. Service does not include replacing the cabin air filter but does include an engine air filter replacement. Ford recommends inspecting the wheels and related components for excessive wear, abnormal noise, looseness, and drag. Service includes checking the steering components, including half-shaft boots and great fittings lubricated. 30,000-mile service also includes a thorough multi-point inspection.

60,000-mile service includes the same inspections and services included in the 30,000-mile service.

This recommended maintenance interval includes everything from the previous intervals plus more. Ford recommends an accessory drive belt inspection, spark plug replacement, orange engine coolant exchange, cooling system inspection, and comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection using the Ford-certified inspection form.

Ford recommends major maintenance at 150,000 miles beginning with the services and inspections recommended at the previous intervals. Ford also recommends adding an automatic transmission fluid exchange, drive belt replacement if not replaced previously, rear axle lubrication, and a thorough multi-point inspection including all primary systems and components.

Ford Recommended Maintenance Services

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