Ford Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

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Ford Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Ford Certified Cabin Air Filter Replacement in Baton Rouge, LA

Driving around Louisiana is always a good time, but a good time can turn bad quickly when allergies strike. Thankfully, your car has an air filter that protects you against allergens and pollution and filters out bad smells and large particles. This is called the cabin air filter, and when it gets dirty, you run the risk of letting those pollutants, allergens, smells, and other things into your car while you drive. We can help with our certified cabin air filter replacement service.


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Changing Your Cabin Air Filter at the Right Frequency

A cabin air filter usually gets changed around every 30,000 miles, but this can vary depending on how much you use your air and where you use it. No matter how long it’s been, you can always check, or ask our certified technicians to check, your cabin air filter. A visual inspection will tell you how dirty the filter is since the new filters are white. If your filter is graying, that is a sign the particles and pollution building up in your filter, which can be a health hazard.

What We Do When We Change Your Air Filter

When you come in for an air filter replacement, we first pull out an OEM filter that will fit in your car. We know it will fit because we use the same parts Ford uses in the factory, so your car will be getting genuine Ford parts that you know will last. Then, we open the hood, open the collector box, and retrieve the old filter. Once we’ve replaced it with a new filter, we close the box and start our complimentary multi-point inspection, which will fill you in on your car’s needs. Then we return the vehicle to you, ready to drive.

We Work Hard So You Can Relax

We’ve worked long and hard to find the best ways to fill our customer’s needs during service. That’s why we have courtesy loaners and a courtesy transportation shuttle for those who need to be somewhere else, business workstations for the busy, and free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs for our relaxation. Then, when you get back your car with OEM parts installed by certified technicians, you’ll have had the best service experience around.



Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

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We’d like to prove to you just how excellent service and maintenance can be, so we invite you to come in and try our services out. Our state-of-the-art facility is even open on Saturdays, giving you plenty of opportunities to take care of your car at our service center. You can set up appointments online with our service scheduler, so schedule your service today!


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