Ford Battery Replacement

Don’t risk being stranded with a dead battery, schedule a battery replacement service at Hollingsworth Richards Ford.

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The sad truth about cars is that, eventually, all parts can fail. With batteries, this usually takes three years to occur, at which point you need a replacement. However, the worst way to find out you need a replacement is to get stranded needing a jump or a tow, which is why we offer our battery replacement services at Hollingsworth Richards Ford. We want to help you get a new battery before it starts to fail on you, making your life easier and more convenient.

Why You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

Auto batteries are a vital piece of your vehicle, providing the initial energy necessary to help your engine start up and providing power to your electrical systems. Your car battery is rechargeable, taking electricity from the alternator, which generates power when the engine runs. This means that it needs to have enough power in it to start your car and needs to be able to receive enough power to store for the next startup. Batteries need replacement when they can no longer store or provide enough power for you.

When to Replace Your Battery

Like we mentioned, a car battery lasts about two to three years, depending on how it’s used. However, the best way to know is through battery testing. Our service center provides battery tests to see how much energy the battery can produce and store, making sure that it’s ready for the electrical cost of ignition at all times. By keeping track of your battery’s condition, you can avoid tows and jumps altogether.

We Have OEM Batteries and Other Parts

Our service center has an entire stock of OEM parts, including batteries, for your car. These parts are identical to the parts put in your vehicle in the factory, so you know they’re the best quality you can get. OEM parts are designed for your specific vehicle and have been tested thoroughly to make sure they will give you the maximum performance, quality, and safety that you need. When you use an OEM part, you can have the peace of mind that comes from a guarantee of quality.

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We’re excited to help you get a new battery into your car, as we’re the premier providers of Ford battery replacement in Baton Rouge, Zachary, Denham Springs, Monticello, Westminster, and the surrounding areas. We’ll help you avoid the stress and inconvenience of needing a jump or a tow when your car won’t start, so set up your appointment online or call today!


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