How To Start And Stop A Ford Hybrid Car

Ford hybrid vehicles are some of the best in the world, as they are trustworthy and have excellent build quality. The fact that Ford is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world also means that their distribution network is vast, and you are likely to find a specialized Ford repair or service center that meets the manufacturer’s requirements with ease. Most people find it easier to use a Ford hybrid compared to other vehicles. This is a guide on how to start and stop the vehicle.

Starting and Stopping a Ford Hybrid

For the most part, starting and stopping a Ford hybrid is not different from starting any other modern vehicle. However, there are a few things that need to be done to prolong the vehicle’s life and to reduce the rate of wear and tear. For most Fords, the starting and stopping sequence is the same and involves:

  • If you are going to drive away immediately the car starts, make sure that your passengers all have their safety belts on. Accessories such as headlights and radio should ideally be off to avoid putting too much of a strain on the battery, though this is rarely a problem on more modern vehicles. Ensure the transmission is in “Park” or “Neutral”
  • Press the “Start/Stop” button on the side of the steering wheel to start the engine. Make sure your foot is on the brake before pressing the button.
  • Release the e-brake, put the car into “Drive”.
  • To stop the vehicle, park in a safe place, put the transmission in “Park” or “Neutral”, press the “Start/Stop” button to shut down the engine and then engage the e-brake.

Some vehicles such as the Ford Fusion have a remote start facility which allows you to start the vehicle even when you are not in it. To do this:

  • Press the “Lock” button on the key fob twice. The car will beep, and the headlights will flash.
  • On the key fob, press the remote start button which is usually marked with a Circle with “2X” on it. The turn signals will flash, and the engine will start.
  • The engine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes if it’s left running. You can also turn it off by pressing the start button on the key fob once.

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