How To Replace A Ford Car Key Battery

If you own a Ford, chances are that it came with a key fob to either open the doors or start the engine. There are many scenarios where the key might not work, such as when you don’t use it for long and the battery dies. This is a guide on how to replace the Ford car key battery either as part of troubleshooting car key problems or when the battery is flat.

Signs of a Drained Key Battery

There are several ways of checking a Ford car’s key battery. Identify if your car key malfunction is due to the battery or the key itself. The main signs to look for are:

  • LED lights on the key fob that won’t turn on. If your key has a light that usually comes on when you press any key, failure to illuminate when you press any button is a major sign of a drained battery.
  • Reduced range of operation: If you have to get closer than usual to the car for the key to work remotely, signal transmission from the key to the car is likely weak due to a dying battery.
  • Newer Ford vehicles will pop up a warning message such as “Key Fob battery low” on the infotainment screens or on the dashboard.
  • If your car has a push-to-start system, it can become difficult to start. The problem might (initially) be solved by placing the key close to the start button.

The key could altogether stop working completely. In all these cases, changing the battery is the best first course of action. Most Ford keys use non-rechargeable CR2025 or CR2032 3-Volt batteries. These are affordable and ubiquitous.

Changing Key Fob Batteries

It’s not difficult to change Ford car key batteries. The main points to consider for successfully changing the battery are:

  • Check your user manual for precautions and specifications of the battery you should check. You can find one online if you don’t have a hard copy.
  • Squeeze the key release buttons on the side of the key fob if there are any.
  • Remove the cover by gently popping it off using your nail, then use a flathead screwdriver to remove the top of the key fob. If secured by screws, you may need to unscrew the cover. This generally requires small Phillips head screwdrivers.
  • Make sure the orientation of the battery is memorized, then use a flathead screwdriver to remove it. Insert the replacement battery in the same orientation.
  • Click the key fob casing into place firmly, then fasten the key cover back.
  • Check if the key now functions properly.

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