How To Fix Ford Air-Conditioning Problems

Ford vehicles are designed to be very reliable, and their systems rarely go wrong. From time to time however, you may find that your air conditioning system or climate control system don’t work as expected. Many times, this is the result of a problem that can easily fixed without taking the vehicle to a dealership. to do this, you have to check several things related to the air conditioning system including full:

Air Conditioning Electrical

Electrical problems are a common cause of air conditioning or climate control system dysfunction. There are several elements of air conditioning electrical systems that you can easily check especially if the air conditioner stops working suddenly.

Below is a step-by step guide on doing diagnostics for your Fords air conditioning system:

  • Check the air conditioning fuses: a good place to start is to find out if all the fuses related to the additional system and the climate control system are of complete. You will need to use a car user’s manual to find out the location of the fuse box, as well as the location of the specific fuses related to the air conditioning and climate control system. Checking a fuse is easy using a multimeter and you can also remove the fuses and check the filaments. if a fuse filament is broken, it will be easily visible, and you will need to replace it using a fuse rated with the amps specified in the user manual. You may need to check several fuses which control currents do several aspects of the air conditioning system.
  • Check the wiring harnesses: wiring harnesses can become deformed, broken or otherwise damaged especially in vehicles used in tough terrain. Once again, your cars user manual is going to be very helpful for this. It will help you identify the correct wire bundles related to the air conditioning system. Check them for any deformity that might cause a reduction in the current passing through them, or which might result in a short circuit. You will need to be careful when doing this as some of the deformities might seem minor. Any damaged wires might need replacement or be bad depending on the degree of damage.

you may also need to check the specific elements related to the air conditioning system. The most important ones include the fan, the air compressor, and the cabin air circulation system. You need to check the following:

  • The air conditioning fan full: most vehicles have two fans at the front of the car; the radiator fan and the condenser fan. The condenser fan he is responsible for cooling the condenser which in turn cools the air when you switch on the air conditioning. If you find that the air is not cold enough, switch on your car and then switch on the air conditioning to the maximum setting. If one or both fans are not rotating, it could indicate a problem with the inside space fans themselves or power supply to the fans. Broken fan blades can also because the reduction in performance resulting in inadequate cooling of the air.
  • The air conditioning coolant pressure: in order to cool air, the air conditioning system in a car depends on a special type of coolant which is cooled by the air conditioning radiator system and transferred to the car through a special coolant pump. if the pressure of the coolant within the system is not adequate, it can result in subpar performance of the air conditioning system. Checking this pressure will require use of specialized equipment and is best done at a Ford dealership
  • The cabin air filter: if the vehicle is operating in a dusty environment and the cabin air filter has not been changed in a while then it can result in clogging which restricts airflow into the cabin. This will manifest as a weak stream of air even if you set the air conditioning to maximum. The remote location of this air filter means that it’s best to have a specialist remove, inspect, and replace it as needed. Make sure that the air filter used for replacement is of the same quality as specified in the user manual or better.

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