How To Connect Bluetooth Devices To A Ford Car

Bluetooth Connectivity allows car owners to enjoy the luxury of driving their vehicles while having limited use of their phones. In more modern vehicles, you can also use this to play or stream music from your phone without having to download anything onto your phone. You can do all this while charging your phone. These are the steps needed to connect a Bluetooth device to your Ford.

General Steps for Bluetooth Pairing in a Ford

Pairing a Bluetooth device to your ford is easy and only involves a few steps. Current Ford vehicles feature the SYNC multimedia system which enables one to do all the above, and also provides turn by turn navigation and many other features. Bluetooth setup is as described below:

  • Make sure that the car is in the “On” position or running. This is to make sure that the electronics such as the infotainment system are on.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your phone and turn on its visibility. Some phones may also require you to keep them ready for pairing by selecting the relevant settings in the phone’s Bluetooth or connectivity settings.
  • Identify the SYNC logo on your car’s infotainment system and select it. Press “Phone” on the next screen, and then “Add Phone”. Depending on the model of your phone, a PIN may be showed on the infotainment screen. On the phone, select the vehicle Icon to start pairing, and allow the process to proceed by pressing ‘Accept’ if the PIN on the screen is the same showed on your phone. This ensures that the car is connecting to the right device.
  • The mobile device and the Ford SYNC Bluetooth System are now connected.

After this, the phone and the car will automatically pair if they are within range of each other, and Bluetooth is on in both the vehicle and the device. Ford SYNC is present on newer model Fords and makes it easier to connect devices while providing enhanced features beyond handsfree control. In older models, a basic Bluetooth system may be available. Connecting to this is also simple and involves a few steps:

  • Switch on Bluetooth on both the car and the device.
  • Put the car in pairing mode by pressing the “Add” button or similar. This allows it to identify Bluetooth devices in the vicinity which are in pairing mode, and which you can then choose.
  • Accept the connection on the phone once the vehicle attempts to pair with it.
  • You may be requested to perform other actions, such as downloading contact lists onto the car as well as some elements of the navigation system from your phone. You can also tweak settings such as whether your phone should stay unlocked when it connects with your vehicle.

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