2022 Ford Mustang vs. 2022 Chevrolet Camaro

The 2022 Ford Mustang is the vehicle of choice for those seeking a high-performance vehicle with powerful engines and engaging handling. It finishes near the top of many online car rankings and it is a fast and exciting vehicle to drive. Come see how it fares when pitted against one of its class opponents, the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro, through our following comparison post.

Design & Style

The Mustang boasts a modern and charming interior with high-quality cabin materials. It evokes that sense of luxury without compromising on overall space. The vehicle seats four people with roomy front seats and comfy back row seats. Leg and headroom are adequate to support travelers during each ride.

The Camaro is not the most upscale among its competition. Most critics have shared how its interior does not stand up to expectations of a luxury vehicle. Its cabin makes use of mostly cheap plastics and low-grade materials. Space wise, its back row is undersized and some use it only for extra cargo space. In theory alone, the car can accommodate to four people.

Technology & Safety

The Mustang comes equipped with a number of tech features such as voice control, six speakers, Wi-Fi hotspot, and FordPass Connect which enables users to lock and unlock the car through a smartphone. Standard safety tech of the car is comprised of rear traffic alert, blind spot monitor, collision warning, lane keep assist, forward auto emergency brakes, pedestrian detection, and a rearview camera.

The Camaro offers a selection of technological advances that include voice recognition, a 7 inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi hotspot, seven or nine speakers, Apple and Android compatibility, and Bluetooth. Safety features of the car include blind spot monitor, collision warning, parking sensors, rearview camera, and head up display.


The Mustang is like He-Man, delivering a muscular performance of 310 hp from its turbo-four engine. Its gas mileage can fetch 21 mpg for city travels and 32 mpg on the highway which is fuel-efficient despite its powerful engine.

The Camaro runs on a 2L 4-cylinder engine that can put out 275 hp and 295 lbft of torque. Its fuel efficiency rating can hit 19 mpg and 29 mpg for city and highway.

The Bottom Line

It is not hard to figure out why the Ford Mustang easily outperforms the Camaro. It is agile and fast without depriving its driver and passengers of prolonged comfort. The Mustang is an ideal vehicle choice for both daily commutes and further hauls and owners can expect to enjoy a well-rounded driving experience while still enjoying maximum value.

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