2022 Ford Maverick vs. 2022 Jeep Gladiator

When it comes to medium sized trucks, it is hard to come up with a better alternative to the 2022 Ford Maverick. This superbly built pickup truck comes in many variants, effectively giving buyers a board choice depending on how they intend to use the truck. But the maverick is more than a workhouse. It’s also a superbly built truck that is stylish and offers a very comfortable cabin. With the 2022 Jeep Gladiator, you also get a medium-sized truck that has plenty of pedigree. The two pickup trucks have plenty to offer drivers and in this review, we look at which one should be in your garage this year

Design & Style

How a pick up truck is designed plays a large part in determining its ride dynamics as well as its functionality. For midsize trucks such as the Maverick, its carrying capacity as well as towing capacity matter. This is why the maverick is such a popular vehicle all across the United States. The large spacious cabin, the many different configurations and trims it comes in, all these combine to make it ideal for those looking for a workhorse. The cabin of the Ford Maverick is a fairly comfortable place too. Ford has used premium materials all through the different trims. For the Jeep Gladiator, the exterior styling offers rugged good looks but the interior is rather spartan.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to safety and tech features, the 2022 Ford Maverick offers a ghost of features that will delight any driver. The truck comes with an excellent infotainment system that is easy to operate and very intuitive in its design. The Maverick also features a6-speaker audio system that produces clear and crisp notes. There are more options available the higher up you go on the trim  levels. With the Jeep Gladiator, the spartan interior alo means that there are few safety and tech features. in the standard model. In order to create different price points, the base models are rather bare of tech features, which isn’t great value for money.


With different engine trims, both the gl;adiator and the Maverick offer different choices for buyers. Both have decent carrying and towing capacities and offer comfortable rides thanks to a great suspension. However, we found the Jeep Gladiator a little noisy, especially at high revs. This could be as a result of the poor build-quality that is reflected all across this truck.

The Bottom Line

If you have to choose between the 2022 Ford Maverick and the 2022 Jeep Gladiator, the choice is pretty obvious. With the Ford Maverick, you get a bona fide work horse that also comes with plenty of tech even at basic trims. This man you get excellent value for money.

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