2022 Ford Escape vs. 2022 Honda CR-V

Both providing good gas mileage and excellent cargo capacities, the 2022 Ford Escape and the 2022 Honda CR-V definitely gets good starting points in this comparison. What makes them different from each other? Which one stands out over the other? Let us know the answer after reading this comparison.

Design & Style

Measuring 106.7 inches on the wheelbase, with an overall length of 180.5 inches, the 2022 Ford Escape impresses when it comes to exterior dimension. The Honda CR-V gets an overall length of 182.1 inches, though it only measures about 104 inches on the wheelbase. The Ford is wider than the Honda, but both are tied when it comes to height since they measure 66.1 inches. Cargo area wise, both definitely hold a lot since the Escape gets 37.5 cubic feet while the CR-V gets 39.2 cubic feet.

The 2022 Ford Escape’s interior is built using soft-touch and quality materials. This sits five and there is plenty of room for passengers to move about when using the ride even for longer trips. The Honda CR-V is also spacious, and sits five people comfortably. When measuring legroom and headroom, the Ford wins the battle.

Technology & Safety

The 2022 Ford Escape uses a 4.2-inch display for its SYNC infotainment, which can be upgraded to eight inches with a touch screen setup. This can be paired with a digital gauge cluster as well. Wi-Fi hot spot and Smart device integration are standard to the ride, things that the Honda CR-V does not offer even as an option. Some of its safety equipment are rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, driver drowsiness monitoring, and pedestrian detection.

The 2022 Honda CR-V uses a five-inch display, slightly larger than the standard display included in the Escape’s infotainment.  This one takes time to respond to inputs. While it offers a lot in terms of safety features, it misses out on blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert.


The 2022 Ford Escape is gifted with a three-cylinder engine that is capable of registering up to 181 horsepower. That of the turbo-four in the CR-V can only hit up to 190 horsepower. When it comes to fuel-efficiency, both cars rate at 28 mpg for city driving and 34 mpg for highway driving.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a ride that is large enough to meet your family’s expectations, you will never go wrong choosing the 2022 Ford Escape. This ride also offers a lot of standard amenities, all of which you can rely on. It runs efficiently, and accelerates without being sluggish when stepping on the brakes.

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