2022 Ford Edge vs. 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan

When to comes to the Ford Edge, you get a fairly spacious SUV that comes in five trim levels. All of them are very off-road capable, making the 2022 Edge as versatile an SUV as you are ever going to get.  With a beautiful exterior styling and sporty looks, the Ford Edge is guaranteed to turn heads anywhere you go. it isn’t just about the looks though. The Ford Edge is a very capable offroader and those camping trips with the family will never be the same again. In this review, we compare the 2022 Ford Edge with the Volkswagen Tiguan and deliver a verdict on which of the two vehicles you should go for this year.

Design & Style

When it comes to exterior styling, you can’t do better than the Ford Edge. The sharp contours that run all along its sleek body and aggressive sporty stance all combine to make this car irresistible. For 2022, buyers will get larger sporteri wheels and additional wheel designs. The interior of the 2022 Edge is also fabulous and features a comfortable cabin that is decked with top-quality materials even on the most basi f trims. This gives every Ford edge a premium look that is hard to find on any SUV in its category. With a generous trunk space and a spacious cabin, you are going to love every minute you spend in this fabulous SUV. When it comes to the 2022 Tiguan, you also get a fairly decent SUV with excellent looks. Space is also lenty inside the Tiguan although lower level trims do not have premium materials on the dash and seats.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to tech features, you also get a lot of these on the Ford Edge. Infotainment is via a touch screen control console that is easy to use and the graphics are excellent. You are also going to love the great audio system that delivers clear and crisp sound. That’s not all. The 2022 Ford Edge features safety features such as lane departure warning and more. The Tiguan also comes with plenty of tech but you have to go for higher trims to get the good stuff.


With both SUVsm buyers have a choice of various trims depending on their needs. The Ford Edge offers excellent ride dynamics regardless of the trim that you go for. This SUV never feels underpowered even when traversing rough tracks and carrying a full load of passengers and luggage. The cabin is well insulated which means to get a super quiet ride. While the Tiguan also rides well, the ride is not as composed as that of the Ford Edge.

The Bottom Line

While these two vehicles are an excellent choice, the 2022 Edge is a much better choice than the Tiguan if you are looking to purchase a versatile and all-rounded SUV.

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