2016 Ford Focus RS in Baton Rouge, LA

latest in a line of iconic cars developed by Ford
Manufactu#cc0000 by: FORD
Model: FOCUS
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    The 2016 Focus RS is the latest in a line of iconic cars developed by Ford. Experts in small-car engineering, the Ford Performance Team has consistently pioneered innovative performance technologies including powerful naturally aspirated and turbocharged powertrains, advanced all‐wheel‐drive systems and a sophisticated aerodynamic design. Dating back to the early days, Ford found success in Rallye Sport. That's also where the first RS models established a reputation for advanced technology and driving exhilaration-and now the RS is coming to America.

    All-Wheel-Drive System

    All-Wheel-Drive System

    Featuring the new Ford performance All-Wheel Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring, the RS offers the next level in handling capability. To the performance enthusiast, Dynamic Torque Vectoring means maximum traction with minimum understeer. In other words, Focus RS offers stability, cornering speed and a high level of performance.

    Turbocharged EcoBoost® Engine

    Turbocharged EcoBoost® Engine

    The RS has taken the 2.3L engine to another level with its unique turbocharger, cooling and exhaust. With well in excess of 315 horsepower, the RS is undoubtedly the fastest and most powerful vehicle in the production Focus lineup.

    Advanced Performance Technologies

    Advanced Performance Technologies

    Configure RS performance to your liking, on the street or on the track: Select Normal, Sport, Track, or the special Drift mode control that lets you achieve controlled oversteer drifts under track conditions. These modes adjust settings for shock tuning, stability control, engine and steering response, even exhaust sound. Activate launch control, then put the pedal to the metal and let out the clutch for exhilarating off-the-line torque with optimum traction. The RS brake system features advanced cooling technology ‐ dedicated ducts fed from the front fascia, twin jet tunnels in the underbody and airflow guides on the lower suspension arms. The front BremboTM discs feature aerodynamically optimized ventilation fins for enhanced cooling.


    Aerodynamic Design

    With enhanced aerodynamic redesigns of the front grille and the rear diffuser and the unique spoiler addition, Focus RS creates zero lift overall for optimum high-speed handling. When it comes to the design of the Focus RS, every detail has a purpose.

    Stylish Interior

    The unique RS spoiler is not the only thing to get excited about; that high-performance character also comes through with its sleek interior design. The details are simply impressive with a new flat-bottomed steering wheel that has a soft-feel leather covered rim, RECARO® sport seats, alloy pedals and unique instrument graphics. The RS interior is where durability meets fashion.

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